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About Us

Everbright is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of high-power semiconductor laser chips, high-speed optical communication semiconductor laser chips, high-efficiency semiconductor laser lidar 3D sensor chips and related optoelectronic devices and application systems. Our products are widely used in industrial laser pumping, laser advanced manufacturing equipment, biomedical and cosmetic, high-speed optical communications, machine vision and sensing, national defense construction and other applications.

Semicoductor laser is the pump source of fiber lasers and solid-state lasers used in industrial processing. The semiconductor lasers developed by Everbright have high efficiency, excellent beam quality and long life.

Everbright is dedicated in the development and application of high power direct semiconductor laser. The products could be used in laser welding, laser cladding, laser quenching and other applications.

By virtue of its advantageous platform, Everbright has made several achievements in the field of high power laser in China in cooperation with domestic universities. The semiconductor laser developed by Everbright has the characteristics of high brightness, high efficiency and narrow line width.

Lidar has the characteristics of high resolution, excellent concealment, strong anti-interference ability, small size and light weight. Therefore, it is widely used in military guidance, driverless, face recognition and other purposes. Changguang Huaxin is committed to the development and production of high-frequency laser radar chips.

Laser has the characteristics of excellent therapeutic effect and less human damage in the field of medical beauty. The high-power semiconductor laser developed by Everbright has made remarkable achievements in hair removal, freckle removal and whiten teeth, and our products are sold at home and abroad.

Laser has the characteristics of high brightness, high directivity, good monochromaticity and strong coherence. At present, laser is commonly used to fast transmit big data in laser communication. Everbright is committed to the development and production of 2.5G and 5G communication chips.