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The launch of the national key R & D project of the Ministry of science and technology, led by Everbright, was held successfully

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On August 23, the 2018 National Key R&D Program led by Everbright: “Industrial Manufacturing and Laser Manufacturing” special project – “High-power semiconductor laser for manufacturing” project was successfully held in Suzhou.
On August 23, the 2018 National Key R&D Program led by Everbright: “Industrial Manufacturing and Laser Manufacturing” special project – “High-power semiconductor laser for manufacturing” project was successfully held in Suzhou.
The project was supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology in June 2018. The total budget of the project was 58.89 million, of which the central government special fund was 26.59 million.
Based on the high-reliability and high-power semiconductor laser chip independently developed by Everbright, the project integrates the complete industrial chain of chip, package, fiber coupling and direct semiconductor laser system in the industry to realize the localization of high-power semiconductor laser chips. The enhancement of high-power and high-reliability semiconductor laser packaging technology, the industrialization of high-power fiber-coupled semiconductor lasers, and the industrial application of direct semiconductor laser systems are of great significance.
Group photo of participants at the start of the project
     The project is led by Everbright, which is jointly affiliated with Institute of Applied Electronics, China Academy of Engineering Physics, Wuhan Ruike Fiber Laser Technology Co., Ltd., Newtown Optoelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Chinese Academy of Sciences 17 units including the Optoelectronic Research Institute and Shanghai Feibo Laser Technology Co., Ltd. jointly declared the backbone of most of the key enterprises, universities and research institutes in the high-power semiconductor laser industry chain, and formed a theory. Experienced management and technology innovation teams in research, technology development, product realization and industrialization.
meeting venue
     Relevant leaders from the High-Tech Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, provincial and municipal science and technology departments, experts from the project consulting experts from all over the country, project (project) leaders, key researchers, management personnel and other experts and technicians attended the meeting. Witnessed the launch of this national project.
     At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Min Dayong, Chairman and General Manager of Everbright, gave a speech and introduced the background of the project. He said that he has entered the era of light manufacturing, and the launch of the "High Power Semiconductor Laser for Manufacturing" project will be solved from chip manufacturing, The technical problems of key aspects such as packaging, high-brightness combining, and fiber coupling are of great significance to the mainstream industrial lasers mastering the upstream core technology and perfecting the industrial laser manufacturing industry chain, and the provincial and municipal leaders who came to attend the conference. The experts of the project consulting expert group and the various project units welcomed the project and encouraged all the project units to work together to complete this glorious and arduous task.
Deputy Director of the High Technology Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology delivered a speech
     Then, Deputy Director of the High-tech Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. bianshuguang, delivered a speech, affirmed the progress and development of the domestic laser industry in recent years, and expressed the country’s urgent hope and support for vigorously developing science and technology and holding key core technologies in their hands. The project attaches great importance to Everbright and various project units to put forward the requirements of “strengthening responsibility awareness, taking responsibility; strengthening management, scientific norms; open sharing, sincere cooperation” and saying that “has undertaken national projects as a national team. To be more rigorous in demanding itself and to achieve higher quality projects, there are high hopes for project implementation and project results.
 Mr. Min Dayong, Chairman of Everbright, issued an offer letter to experts
     At the same time, a project consulting expert group composed of industry experts was set up at the meeting, and Mr. Min Dayong, the chairman of Everbright, presented the letters of appointment to the experts.
Project leader Dr. Liao Xinsheng conducted project report and summary
     Subsequently, the project leader Dr. Liao Xinsheng reported and summarized the overall situation of the project and the project implementation plan, and listened to the guidance of the members of the expert group on the technical route of the project, the progress of the project, and the connection between the projects.
     For the urgent needs and key challenges in the development of high-power semiconductor lasers for manufacturing, The "Additive Manufacturing and Laser Manufacturing" special project - "High-power semiconductor laser for manufacturing" project focuses on domestic high-power semiconductor lasers, carries out research on key technologies such as dual micro-channel heat dissipation, heat sink, high power multi-beam synthesis, fiber coupling, beam shaping and semiconductor laser failure mechanism, breakthrough the special processing technology and technology of chip cavity surface, manufacture of high power semiconductor laser, Localization and mass production technologies such as integration, packaging and reliability. At the same time, demonstrating the application of high-power fiber-coupled semiconductor lasers in the field of “additive manufacturing and laser manufacturing”.
     As the lead unit of the project, Everbright has been committed to the R&D, production and sales of high-power semiconductor laser chips and related optoelectronic devices and application systems. It is the first in high-power semiconductor laser chips to break the long-term dependence on imported “with no core”. The company has a group of high-level talents, including many national “Thousand Talents Program” expert doctors, industry senior management and technical experts, and a team of three academicians. The company's R&D technical team accounts for more than 50% of master's degrees. The team has won many national, provincial and urban major innovation teams and leading talents, and has undertaken many national projects such as “863”, “973” and “National Key R&D Program”.
     Everbright is one of the few companies in the world and the only one in China to develop and mass produce high-power semiconductor laser chips. The project will take the lead in further consolidating Everbright's status as a “national team” in the field of high-power semiconductor laser chips. During the implementation of this project, Everbright will spare no effort to ensure the successful implementation of the project and contribute to China's transition from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power.
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