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System Engineer 面议 More 
System Engineer
Department. Quality Department Positioning. System Engineer To be recruited. 1 person Job duties. 1. responsible for the development and implementation of quality system work such as IS09001&GJB9001C&ISO14001&ISO45001, so that it meets the system requirements within the company. 2. Lead the daily work of the system construction team in the company, carry out quality system training work and system operation to promote improvement work, output results-oriented, and continuously improve personnel capabilities and system awareness. 3.To effectively review, revise and update the existing procedure documents in the company; to lead the preparation and improvement of quality management documents. 4. Assist superiors to complete the planning and implementation of process audits, internal audits, management reviews and the preparation and implementation of third-party certification audits. Job requirements. 1.Bachelor degree or above, majoring in mechanical, optical, material, quality management related majors. 2.1 years of experience in product process and quality related work in optoelectronic industry. 3. Background in R&D and manufacturing in chip and laser industry is especially good. 4. Have the corresponding system internal auditor certificate is preferred.
Recruitment Manager 面议 More 
Recruitment Manager
Department. Human Resources Department Positioning. Recruitment Manager To be recruited. 1 person Job duties. 1. according to business development needs, develop annual recruitment programs and plans. 2. according to the company's business development, do a good job analysis and optimize the allocation of human resources. 3. develop and improve the recruitment system and process. 4. Participate in the construction of recruitment system and related HR optimization and innovation projects. 5. Develop and maintain recruitment channels appropriately according to recruitment needs. 6.Assist in the preparation of career development channels for key positions in the company, etc. 7.Lead the team to achieve recruitment performance. Job requirements. 1.Bachelor degree or above, majoring in human resources or other related majors. 2. More than five years of recruitment experience (the same industry recruitment experience can be relaxed to three years). 3. Familiar with HR theory and practice, familiar with national labor regulations and related policies. 4. Familiar with the recruitment process and various recruitment channels of enterprises.
Production Manager / Supervisor 面议 More 
Production Manager / Supervisor
Department. Manufacturing Center Positioning. Production Manager / Supervisor To be recruited. 3 people Job duties. 1. the development of the department's relevant operating rules and regulations and related operating standards. 2. Coordinate and arrange the KPI target of the department. 3. The department's talent pool training/team building. 4.Monitor the production quality and efficiency of the department and make continuous improvement. 5. Cost control, production safety control and personnel turnover control in this department. Job requirements. 1.Science and technology background, college degree or above. 2.5-10 years related professional background. 3. Familiar with site management, QC improvement tools, target management, engineering improvement, ISO training.
FAE Engineer 面议 More 
FAE Engineer
Department. LiDAR & 3D Positioning. FAE Engineer To be recruited. 1 person Job duties. 1、 Focus on high-power VCSEL chips and related 3D Sensing product definition (including but not limited to the chip or module optoelectronic performance, layout, thermal design, optical circuit design, etc.), debugging, application, debug and other work. 2, according to the user demand for factory-related chip or module product matching, responsible for consumer electronics or automotive electronics customers to send samples, to help solve the trial production process of related issues, and provide timely technical support. 3. Assist key customers' R&D and product teams in all aspects, and participate deeply in key customers' product development, requirement clarification, performance definition, product testing and customer support. 4. responsible for customer promotion of new products, including product introduction and technical consultation, providing product solutions, pre-sales testing, etc., and be able to provide customers and company colleagues with documentation support for product technology, such as: product specifications, product certification, technical reports, etc.. 5. to assist in the construction of relevant chip and module testing capabilities within the company. Job requirements. 1, bachelor degree or above. 2, semiconductor physics, materials physics, optical engineering and other related majors and research directions are preferred. 3、Working experience in the same industry in optoelectronic enterprises. 4, able to adapt to long-term travel to customer sites for equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance. 5, with a sense of responsibility and curiosity, with the ability to analyze and solve problems, with good communication skills and execution.
General Manager of VCSEL 面议 More 
General Manager of VCSEL
Department. LiDAR & 3D Positioning. General Manager, VCSEL To be recruited. 1 person Job duties. 1. responsible for the operation of the LIDAR and 3D sensing business unit. 2. responsible for determining the product route with the company's R&D and engineering departments. 3. responsible for directing and managing marketing, sales, after-sales service and applications. 4. responsible for coordinating relevant product development and production with R&D, engineering, production and other departments. 5. Responsible for customer docking, developing applications and participating in other work related to the company. Job requirements. 1.Master degree or above; background in semiconductor optoelectronics, physics or optics 2.10 years of technical and management experience in semiconductor laser industry, including 3 years of management experience in the same position. 3. Industry veteran, familiar with LIDAR and 3D sensing lasers.
Application Process Engineer 面议 More 
Application Process Engineer
Department. Laser Systems Division Positioning. Application Process Engineer To be recruited. 1 person Job duties. 1, responsible for laser processing application process research, including welding, cutting, cladding, quenching, surface treatment, brazing, plastic welding, etc.. 2, responsible for optical component selection, optical circuit debugging, optical circuit system optimization or design. 3, design of experimental programs, analysis and processing of experimental data. 4, production, after-sales problem analysis and technical guidance. 5, other related work. Job requirements. 1、Bachelor degree or above, majoring in laser, physics, materials, optical engineering or other related majors; master degree is preferred 2, more than two years of laser process research and development related experience. 3, familiar with laser, laser processing principles, understanding of optical path transmission, beam processing and other optical path system design issues. 4, familiar with the selection of optical components, optical circuit debugging. 5, understanding of laser material interaction process, understanding of material processing process, relevant practical experience is preferred. 6, able to independently design experimental programs, independent analysis and processing of experimental data. 7、good at thinking, strong hands-on ability, enterprising, responsible and good at communication.
Equipment Engineer 面议 More 
Equipment Engineer
Department. Safeguard Engineering Department Positioning. Equipment Engineer To be recruited. 2 people Job duties. 1. responsible for the installation of equipment, commissioning work. 2. responsible for the development of equipment repair and maintenance plan. 3. Responsible for the diagnosis, analysis and troubleshooting of abnormal equipment conditions, and timely disposal. Job requirements. 1.Bachelor degree or above in mechanical, electronic, automatic control, electrical and other related majors. 2.1 years of relevant work experience or background in vacuum, electronics, control, mechanical related technology. 3.engaged in semiconductor equipment (lithography, etching, cleaning, thin film, grinding and polishing, wafer testing, inspection) related background is preferred.
Product Engineer 面议 More 
Product Engineer
Department. Engineering Department II Positioning. Product Engineer To be recruited. 1 person Job duties. 1、Promote the RMA failure improvement of fiber optic coupling products, reduce the RMA rate and improve customer satisfaction. 2、Responsible for the daily communication and processing of customer complaint abnormal problems of fiber optic coupling products. 3, responsible for RMA failure analysis processing of fiber optic coupling products. 4, combined with RMA failure analysis causes, develop improvement countermeasures, maintain and update the continuous improvement plan for fiber optic coupling products, and implement. 5、Cooperate with PLM designation, improve the FMEA file of fiber optic coupling products Job requirements. 1、Bachelor and master degree or above, majoring in laser, microelectronics, semiconductor, optics, optoelectronics. 2、Be able to use relevant analysis tools such as SolidWorks, Zemax, SPC, DOE, GR&R. 3, familiar with optical theory and optical design, familiar with semiconductor laser packaging process and technology. 4, data analysis skills based on Minitab or other software. 5, fresh graduates with laser, optical project experience and background is preferred
Fab Process Supervisor/Engineer 面议 More 
Fab Process Supervisor/Engineer
Department. Engineering I Positioning. Fab process supervisor/engineer To be recruited. 2 people Job duties. 1. responsible for product production process development. 2. Responsible for the analysis and promotion of yield rate improvement. 3. Responsible for CPK index improvement of key processes. 4. Responsible for the management of FAB process technology team. Job requirements. 1.background in materials science, chemical engineering, physics and mechanical and other related majors, bachelor degree or above, 3-5 years related professional background. 2.Have engineering work experience in semiconductor related industry, with corresponding management and technical knowledge of the position.
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