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Diode Laser Chip

Everbright is committed to the development and production of diode laser chips, breaking through a number of key core technologies, significantly improving the performance of laser chips, leading domestic and international advanced technical indicators, and strongly promoting the process of localization of diodelaser chips.

Laser Device

Everbright adopts self-developed laser chips and prepares diode laser devices with low stress, high thermal conductivity and no welding voids through highly reliable packaging technology, which ensures excellent chip power, brightness and efficiency index and significantly improves device reliability and lifetime level.

Fiber Coupled Module

Everbright has developed a fully automated production line for high power semiconductor laser diode fiber coupling module Active Alignment, covering all processes from fast axis collimated lens assembly to fiber coupling, which can quickly produce high power, multi-band fiber coupling modules for various fields such as industry, scientific research and medical treatment to meet customer needs.


Everbright indium-free hard solder package micro-channel water-cooled array, stable performance, high reliability, long lifetime; hard solder package macro-channel array, back heat dissipation array, using special water channel or conduction cooling design to reduce the requirements for water quality, life expectancy of 20 million pulses or more.

Direct Diode Laser

Everbright is committed to the key technology of direct diode lasers, independent development and localization of key devices, covering beam shaping, high-energy combined beam coupling, suppression extension to thermal management and systems, including four majorproducts ofHundred watts, medium power, high power andQCW.

Laser Brighten our life

Suzhou Everbright Photonics Co., Ltd

Suzhou Everbright Photonics Co., Ltd was established in 2012 (hereinafter referred to as Everbright, stock code:688048) is a company specializing in high-power diode laser chips, high-efficiency diode laser radar sensor chips, high-speed communication diode laser chips and related optoelectronic device,application systems. A high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sales. Products are widely used in: industrial laser pumping, advanced laser manufacturing equipment, biomedical, high-speed optical communication, machine vision and sensing, etc.

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High-brightness fiber-coupled diode module using dense wavelength beam combining technology based on single emitter for material processing and fiber amplifier pumping

Fiber-coupled diode modules have various applications in material processing and fiber laser pumping because of their high efficiency and high reliability. Commercial fiber-coupled diode modules using spatial beam combining and polarization beam combining cannot be employed in high-brightness applications, for example metal cutting, which demands a laser power exceeding 1 kW with a BPP of a few mm*mrad. Dense wavelength beam combining (DWBC) technology showed the possibility of further scaling-up the output power of fiber-coupled diode modules while maintaining the same beam quality that allows for fiber-coupled diode modules to be used in high-brightness applications. The efficiency, reliability, and brightness of fiber-coupled diode modules can be improved by using single emitters instead of laser diode bars as power sources in DWBC. Two types of high-brightness 100 µm/0.22 NA 2 kW fiber-coupled diode modules employing single-emitter-based DWBC technology, which have a wavelength range from 953 to 991 nm with 50% efficiency and a narrower wavelength range with 48% efficiency respectively, were developed for material processing and Raman fiber amplifier pumping. Furthermore, we combined 15 high-brightness 100 µm/0.22 NA 1.4 kW fiber-coupled diode modules into a 600 µm/0.22 NA fiber, achieving more than 22 kW at the output.
High-brightness fiber-coupled diode module using dense wavelength beam combining technology based on single emitter for material processing and fiber amplifier pumping
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Laser Brighten our life

Everbright is mainly engaged in R&D and production of diode laser chips,A number of key breakthroughs have been made in core technologies such as  chip design, MOCVD, lithography, cleavage/coating, package testing, and fiber coupling and so on,the power, brightness, efficiency and reliability of the laser chip have been greatly improved.High-power diode laser chips can be mass-produced。


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